The Parish Council fosters the full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of St John the Baptist Catholic Church, by setting parish direction and planning.  This body is advisory to the Pastor and the Business Manager.  The council is comprised of the two parish trustees, which are selected by the pastor, as well as seven council members elected by the parish to represent the diversity of the parish as a whole.  Each parish council member is a liaison to one of the parish sub-committees and serves a term of two years with no more than two terms served in a row.  The council meets monthly on the fourth Thursday and as needed to provide for special concerns.  Parishioners are welcome to attend parish council meetings as a guest.  For more information contact the parish office at 763-428-2828.  

              Thomas Bouley                                                    Julia Whalen

            Parish Council Chair                                  Finance Committee Representative


             Marilyn Nordine                                                    Lynn Eggert

          Parish Council Vice Chair                              Buildings & Grounds Representative


             Mary Murphy                                                       Paul Dahlheimer

        Parish Council Secretary                           Liturgy & Environment Committee Representative 


               Russel Ray                                                           Sharon Brenny

              Parish Trustee                                       Religious Education Board Representative


              Lynn Eggert                                                           Mary Murphy

              Parish Trustee                                           Outreach Committee Representative 


                                             Terry McAlpine

                                Cemetery Committee Representative